Poor Not Guilty logo which emphasizes the word POOR in large capital letters and then the words 'NOT GUILTY' displayed across 2 lines and all within a left top bracket and a bottom right bracket with a distressed cardboard effect

Take the Challenge: Fines & Fees

The following 3 experiences are the first set of Poor Not Guilty Challenges which specifically highlight how fines and fees for petty offenses create impossible situations for those experiencing poverty and/or homelessness. Each scenario asks the player to make a series of choices in response to an inciting circumstance with the goal of escaping the cycle of financial punishment in which they are trapped.

Buckle Up

Fasten your seatbelt. Everyday traffic violations make for a bumpy ride.
Play Buckle Up

Drive It Home

Keep your eyes on the road as you navigate laws that prohibit living in your vehicle.
Play Drive It Home

Park It

Experiencing homelessness is not a walk in the park. Risks are around every corner.
Play Park It

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